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Creating effective & engaging web sites
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What if I told YOU that you can
exceed your goals
that you should
dream big
with your website?
A website can do Anything!

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Essential goals for a website

  • Be You

    Design a site that not only represents you or your brand, it embodies you. It speaks for you.
  • Be Engaging

    Design a site that not only represents you or your brand, it embodies you. It speaks for you.
  • Automate

    Design a site that not only represents you or your brand, it embodies you. It speaks for you.

Keep in mind…

As a problem solver and go-getter, the one belief that I found that makes websites great is to DREAM BIG. Anything is possible if you put your open mind and consistent effort into it.

Don’t look to the site next door on what THEY are doing. Break free and think outside the box.

Mary Jo took my website from basically a photo gallery to an amazing and functional business tool! She took every element I wanted and needed and added some of my personality to it. She is easy to work with and had so much knowledge and experience! I was amazed at how quickly she got it up and running!!

Lori Apgar

Lori Apgar Creates

Mary Jo was amazing. We met face-to-face at a coffeeshop to discuss my needs. She was patient as I found the time to actually work with her since the project we are working on isn’t my fulltime job. And when I was ready, she jumped right in. Not being technologically savvy- she worked with me to bring my ideas to fruition. She has produced exactly what I wanted for my website. It was affordable and done expeditiously. I didn’t have to hunt her down for my work. She has been professional- so much so that I plan to continue working with her in the future.

LaShawnDa Pittman

Intergenerational Solutions

Mary Jo is an outstanding programmer. She is efficient and the quality of her work is second to none. She excels in solving complex business and technology challenges. I highly recommend Mary.

Brant Gibbons

Knowledge Anywhere

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