Why WordPress?

What’s one common response I get when I recommend WordPress?

WordPress is SO confusing. I don’t understand how to use it. I get so lost.

Other times, I hear the responses of “I don’t need a website” or “<insert social media platform> is all that I need”. Now don’t get me wrong, do you need a very complex and sophisticated site to start a business?  Not at all. Some businesses do great with a single webpage or handling orders through DMs on Instagram…  in the beginning.

At some point, you will need a website and that website, if implemented correctly, can streamline order processing for you or handle common questions you get asked so frequently in email or messenger.  Your website becomes a way to help managing your growing business without you hiring another person to handle that workload.

A website will be a central hub for all that is you and your business. Your website is the creditability or stamp of approval that you are a serious contender that means business. If someone wanted to find out who and what you do, they go to your website to find out. Nothing feels more legit when a website exists and explains all that a business can do as well as have glowing reviews from outside sources.

But why WordPress?

My response is why play small and limit yourself when you can go BIG.  WordPress is a solid product that has been around since 2003.  30% of the internet runs on WordPress.  In the CMS (Content management systems) world, which most website builders reside, the number goes up to over 50%. Certainly, I don’t base my decision on what’s popular, but if it’s working for majority of the world, why not consider it?  More sites that use WordPress equate to WordPress being vetted and tested by a huge population.  Any security or bugs that may happen will be found and resolved quickly.

WordPress corners the market with 60% of CMS Based Sites


Think BIG

When I talk about playing big, I am referencing the ability to make your website what YOU want and need it to be.  Creating that user experience that represents your vision for your brand comes down to what is possible for your website.  With WordPress, it can be an e-commerce shop, a blog, a booking service, a concert ticket platform, a video library, a membership site, a course library (LMS), a photography library, a social platform, a knowledge base… heck, it could be ALL of those. That’s how flexible WordPress can be.

Just because you have a need to have a one or two page website doesn’t mean you should only think in your current terms.  What is your future goal, the big pie in the sky dream? Why limit yourself right out the gate and possibly get stuck in a rut?

It’s YOUR intellectual property

With WordPress being an open source system, you are in control of not only how you want to use it functionality but also you OWN the data and content for your site.  This means any content you create in your website belongs TO YOU. Some website builders make it difficult for you to move away from them. Wix states in their Knowledge Base:

Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively on Wix’s servers, and cannot be transferred elsewhere.

Specifically, it is not possible to export or embed files, pages or sites, created using the Wix Editor or ADI, to another external destination or host.

How are you to grow or flex with your website if the data is stuck using a service that is limited?

It’s Plays with Top Contenders

WordPress has lots of themes and plugins plus open to be customized to your business needs. With such a huge market being WordPress, integrations with other third-party systems like Facebook, Twitter, marketing systems, etc, is a priority than just an luxury.  Other website builders require waiting for them to add a new feature to be implemented which may not be how you needed the feature to work.  That’s IF they decide to implement them.

It’s Clunky to Create Content

Now that I’ve given many reasons why WordPress is a great platform to grow a business’s website, I bet you have heard that the interface for WordPress is cumbersome. No matter what builder you use, you’ll have to learn their terminology and how to use that builder.  If you are more of a visual builder, there are great plugins like Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, and Thrive Architect that make creating pages and blog posts very easy.  All these plugins are intuitive and just as easy as Wix or Squarespace.

It’s Difficult

With WordPress having LOTS of possibilities and flexibility, there are reasons why you might hear that WordPress can be “difficult” or “confusing”.  Most of the time this is because A) that’s what the other website builders have marketed to win over customers (i.e. the other guy sucks) or B) WordPress is not a single function website builder (i.e. it’s a blog, e-commerce, booking service, membership, etc).

Have you gotten the clue of why WordPress for your website?  Simple, it’s flexible, not scary, robust, and, best of all, it’s yours to tailor.  The world is open for you to do what you want with your website.   So I ask you, why not?

Mary Jo

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