Selling Your Products with WooCommerce and Social Media

WooCommerce has a lot of flexibility and capabilities to get your crafts, wares, and products out into the world. WooCommerce doesn’t mean you are confined to your WordPress website for selling, it has the capabilities to hook up with Social Media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Hooking up your Facebook to your WooCommerce store

If you have a business page, you have the ability to sell your products through posts, ads, and more. Setting up WooCommerce to connect Facebook with only takes a few steps.

First step, is to have a business page with a shop tab. This can be easily added to your Facebook business page by going to your Settings in your page, Edit Page, and scroll down to the bottom to the Add a Tab. Find the Shop option in the modal and click the associated Add Tab.

Now that you have a shop, you’ll need to go to the business area of Facebook – Facebook Business Manager in other words. Under the menu, there will be a lot of menu items.  Go to Pixels.  This is how you’ll be hooking up your WooCommerce with Facebook.  Click the Create a Pixel and then a modal with Create.  You’ll get an option of how to install code for your site.  Choose the WooCommerce option.   Facebook will have you download a zip file to add to your WordPress site.

So you are now ready to get your WooCommerce to connect to Facebook.   Take the zip file from the previous step.  This zip file is a plugin like any other for WordPress.  Just add this plugin into your WordPress site – install and activate.   This will add another tab in WooCommerce with a wizard setup to finish setup.  Once the wizard is stepped through, Facebook and WooCommerce will sync with each other and your products will start to appear on your Facebook business page.

Going a step further with Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook.   So now that you have products in Facebook, you can go a step further with tagging those products on Instagram.   Instagram requires that you have a business profile with them which means you are hooking up Instagram to a Facebook business page.  If you have your products on Facebook, your products will eventually appear in Instagram to be used like tagging people but you’ll be tagging products from your store!!   Small world, eh?   It may take a few days for Instagram to approve your business profile as a shop in their world, so don’t fret if you don’t see how to tag products from your store.  Wait a few days, you’ll get a message stating when you can.

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