Grow your business with the Know, Like, Trust principal.

Last week I stumbled upon a social post from someone I never knew. A friend of mine reposted this post that was raving about a social group for businesses like me. The post explained how they couldn’t recommend this group enough. The group provided great insight into business issues. The group’s members gave amazing feedback and advice. Since I was stuck with relatable business hurdles, this social group seemed to offer resources that could help me. So I joined.

The group contained oodles and oodles of great questions, suggestions, and tips. I spent a few hours going through the existing content. It felt like a gold mine. To this day, I always keep an eye out for any new content. All at no cost.

Every once in a while, someone or the leader of the group would review on a product they just tried. They loved this product and others would chime in raving about it. Since most of the members valued other member’s opinion and trusted their insight, most bought the product. Basically, the leader of the group provided so much honest value and feedback, anything he or anyone else in high esteem put their weight into, that product or service sold within minutes.

Know, Like, & Trust Principal

This is a prime example of the “Know, Like, Trust” principal. Once I knew about the group, enjoyed the information provided and members of the group, and grew to trust in the group, I could be easily be influenced to buy almost any product mentioned.

The best sales people go through these phases. They are key to selling a service or product to customers. These three pillars make “sales” not so sales-y. When a customer knows who you are and that you are not just someone trying to get that sale, i.e. you provide value that they need, sales naturally happen.

Let’s go through each step of this principal.

When they you know.

Knowing a business is the first step. When you are aware about a business, customers know about your product and services. Having social media posts, blog articles, networking, and online ads are examples of getting your business in front of customers. The repeat exposure of your brand, products, and services out in the world helps the customer get to know your business.

When they like you

Once a customer knows your existence, it’s time to attract those ideal customers to like you. How do you build your likeability? Relating to your customers through interacting with them. When they comment on your social media post, respond to them. Engage with your customers and answer their questions. They will start to learn more about you and your business.

When they trust you

After a customer knows you, likes you, and consistently provides value in their life, their trust builds for you. Once they are comfortable with you and trust you, they are ready to buy from you. They will be your biggest, raving fans. Fans that will tell others about you, repeatedly support you, and be loyal to you.

Building this trust takes time and effort. This is why repeat customers are easier to sell than a new customer. The Know, Like, Trust factor exists for repeat customers. Be careful not to squander this valuable relationship with over selling or resting on your laurels. With trust comes great responsibility, guard this new found trust with a loyal customer with great care.

How are you building the know, like, trust in your business?