Grab your customers attention with the power of storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? 

Stories inspire us, evoke emotions, turn on the imagination, and engage us to act. So how can you use storytelling to your advantage when it comes to your business? 

Captivating Storytelling

Use captivating storytelling in your business with your marketing efforts. Great storytelling can generate a connection between you and your audience.   This connection could be a customer identifying themselves in your story as the main character or simply as getting to know more about you behind the business.

Build Trust

Using storytelling to build connections leads to building the “Like, Know, and Trust” factor you hear a lot in marketing and sales circles.  Customers who like, know and trust you and your business leads to customer loyalty and sales.

Building that strong connection with your audience allows you to stand out from your competitors. Since customers remember how you made them feel, they remember the memories you evoked, they will come back to you time and time again to rekindle those feelings and memories.  

This is why you should craft those intriguing genuine stories into your marketing, your brand, and your website.  Storytelling is a powerful tool for marketing your business.

What makes a great story

When you start to mold your intriguing story into your marketing strategy, there are a few things you keep in mind.  

Be Relatable

First step to good captivating storytelling is having a main character your customers can relate to.  If it’s a story where you are the character, ask yourself if your ideal customer will see themselves in you. Having a story where the customer sees themselves as the main character, the customer will become invested in following your story.

Identify the Problem

Next step is weave into the story a problem your customers can identify with.  What issue or challenge will your main character encounter?  What kind of problem do clients come to you asking for help with?  This is a great way to draw in customers who realize they too have that problem as well.  Or maybe a problem they never realized they had.  Maybe they can learn or find out what to do with their problem from this story.

How was the problem solved?

Last step, how did the problem get resolved for our main character.  Did the character overcome the issue and does the solution match what your customers are looking for?  Maybe the solution is a service or product you offer.  Maybe it’s an answer that simply solves common issues your customers face in their business.  A good story for marketing doesn’t have to lead to a sale or sign up.  Grabbing the attention of your customers to come back again and again is the goal.

Finishing the story

Rounding out the end of the story is equally as important as telling a story to capture customer’s attention. Creating an effective ending to a story is one that teaches us a lesson, brings out curiosity, and evokes us to act. Wrapping up in a nice summary is better than an abrupt end to the story.

Your new marketing superpower

Find out how you can use these 5 points when crafting your next social post, proposal, branding, website, online ad, or blog post / article.  How can your marketing efforts weave in a story to draw in customers? By attracting customers with your engaging storytelling, customers will start to find more about you and your business.  They will keep an eye out for your next captivating story.