Get a web designer’s eye on your site’s design.

Discover your site’s opportunities and challenges with a design audit.

Increase your site’s potential for turning a visitor into a customer/client

Keep potential customers/clients from leaving your site in frustration

Find where your site’s design is on or off brand

I created my own DIY website but it lacked the professionalism and flow that I desired.

Mary Jo audited my site and gave me some excellent feedback that I would never have thought of. She helped me see how it varies on different devices and made suggestions on how improve the flow which will encourage people stay on my site longer.

I’m excited to implement a lot of Mary Jo’s ideas on my own but I’m also hiring her for the Ala carte items that will need more of an experienced designer.

Cari Marquette

Owner, Cari Marquette

Create Customers

Understanding what’s the good versus the bad in design could be the difference of what turns a visitor into a customer or client.

Increase Satisfaction

Find those opportunities that help visitors find what they are looking for and fix the frustrations that make them leave in droves.

Validate Branding

Having a brand is a requirement and implementing it throughout your site is key for your branding to stick.

When you only have room in your budget to hire yourself to design a website, you only have so much time in your day to learn best practices.

Mary Jo is amazing at what she does. She knows exactly what to look for in a website and what will keep potential customers on your site. I thought my website was pretty good but Mary Jo found a lot of what I missed and gave it to me in easy, actionable steps.

I would recommend everyone who has a website to get your website audited by Mary Jo. You won’t regret it!

Michelle Simpkin

Owner, Michelle Simpkin Co

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