Creating Effective Pinterest Images

Pinterest is a social media platform used by a variety of content providers to share fun craft projects, beautiful art, tips or tricks on various of topics, and information about services. 75% of users who use Pinterest are women. Pinterest is great if your target market is women between the ages of 30 to 49.

Today’s blog post will be how to create the perfect size, well sizes actually, of images for your Pinterest pins.

Optimal Sizes

A great friend of mine, Michelle Simpkin, has done the homework on the best sizes to use for Pinterest. Generally, you’ll want to create a well optimized JPG or PNG with the sizes of 600 pixels by 900 pixels OR 600 pixels by 1260 pixels. Both sizes are great for all types of pins. It’s really up to you which size fits the design you are going for.

Maybe you want to provide the Top 3 tips for designing a necklace. Having a taller image size would help have room for visual images as well as writing those three tips on the photo itself.


Another tip when creating Pinterest images for your business is to have all your pins’ images have a branded feel to them. Not only so the user knows that this pin is typical of pin from your business but that the pin’s design lands on a website that has visuals that matched the pin’s design.  Don’t forget your logo!

Include A Title or Headline

Pinterest is a visual searching platform. Not many Pinterest users read the caption that goes with the image.  Adding the general headline or title on the image will help the viewer understand that this pin is more than a pretty picture. There’s content that goes with this pin.

With any text on images, keep in mind these tips:

  • Is the font readable?
  • Does the text have enough contrast with the background?
  • Does the title vs any other text have hierarchy? (i.e. title is bigger, bolder, vibrant, or all three when compared to other text provided)
  • Is there enough visual breathing room?  Don’t crowd text in the image. Look for balance symmetry and alignment with all elements on the image.

Now what to do with it?

Next post, we’ll talk about how to include such an image in a pin within Pinterest as well as when adding the pin to a WordPress blog post or a page.

Creating Effective Pinterest ImagesCreating Effective Pinterest Images