Why double your efforts when you can 2x your content’s reach by overlapping mediums that your content is hosted on? It’s SO simple and easy. Only a 4 clicks and you can have your videos from Facebook, YouTube, or other video streaming providers and plug it in right into a new blog post on your site.

How easy is it? As simple as COPY and PASTE.

First things, first. If you don’t know me by now, I favor WordPress over other CMSs (Content Manage Systems).  And if you don’t know my reasons, well, there’s a LOT you can do with the WordPress CMS Engine.  So many features and abilities that you can create a robust site if you take the time to read up on how to configure it optimally.  Or, you can hire me.

The following steps are for taking a Facebook Video and embedding it into WordPress

Step 1) Find the post of the video on your Facebook page and click on the date/time in the subtitle. For example, look at the pink box in the image below.

Step 2) Copy the URL on the next page.

Step 3) Paste the URL into a blog post of your choosing on it’s own line.

Step 4) (Optional) You can also change the Format of the post to be “Video” this helps WordPress understand to use the first video URL it finds as the featured post of the video

Don’t just stop there!  You could even link to a Facebook image or post as well.

Basically it is just COPY and PASTE.

Do you want to use Instagram, Youtube, or another third party site?  Check out this list of supported third-party services that WordPress looks for to automatically embed content.

Other references:
WordPress article on using Facebook in your site